Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mold Problems can Strike Courthouses and Other Public Buildings Across South Florida

Mold problems have struck courthouses across the country, including in Miami.
In South Florida’s warm and humid climate, mold problems seem to arise with high frequency. Unfortunately for the public, mold infestations seem to occur with alarming regularity in schools, post offices, city halls, courthouses and other public facilities in the tri-county area of Broward County, Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County. Such occurrences can result in costly and inconvenient closures because of the health risks that mold spores can pose to employees and the general public. Administrators and managers can hire the best mold removal south florida firms to quickly eliminate mold growths from public buildings, minimizing the disruption to public services and promoting public health.

Mold issues that occur in courthouses in South Florida like the ones in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale can impede progress in court cases and a host of other public services. The courthouse in West Palm Beach, for example, houses the offices of the county’s Clerk & Comptroller. Thus, mold problems at this facility can halt services like the issuing of marriage licenses, the recording of notices of commencement, court proceedings, jury selection and more. Companies that perform mold remediation west palm beach services can make the courthouse safe for use when mold issues occur. In many cases, people must go to the main courthouse in a county, such as the one in West Palm Beach, in order to conduct official business. Mold remediation firms can help courthouses get back to serving the public.

Leading mold abatement south florida companies help clear up mold problems in an array of public facilities, private buildings and other locations. Private homeowners can hire mold abatement fort lauderdale firms to eliminate mold in houses, condos and townhouses. Mold removal firms also work in hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, banks, doctors’ offices and elsewhere.