Thursday, March 24, 2016

Moisture Key to Mold Growth in South Florida

Proper Ventilation Helps to Limit Moisture

Mold may form behind behind refrigerators in kitchens, among other places.

Mold tends to grow in the presence of moisture and excess humid air. Consequently, places in a person’s home where water exists in abundance, such as bathrooms and kitchens, tend to get the most mold growths. Poor ventilation in a home can also contribute to mold growth. For example, poor ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms allows steam to build up, often contributing to the development of mold problems. The natural humidity of the air in South Florida makes it more important for homes to have functional HVAC systems. People in locations like the Florida Keys, the Treasure Coast, Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County and Broward County whose homes have developed problems with mold can hire top mold remediation south florida firms to get rid of mold spores and determine what caused the mold to grow inside their homes.

Hire Knowledgeable Mold Removal Firms

In Palm Beach County areas like Mangonia Park, Jupiter, Lake Clarke Shores, Lantana, Manalapan, Ocean Ridge, Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and the Acreage, leading mold removal west palm beach companies help commercial and residential customers eliminate mold infestations and keep mold problems from recurring. These businesses use the best equipment to clean surfaces previously affected by mold, irradiating them so that mold does not return and it does not spread to other surfaces. Companies that do a thorough job may look to find out what caused the mold to grow within a structure, such as identifying leaking pipes, roof leaks, poorly sealed windows, inadequate ventilation and other structural deficiencies.

Consumers may need to hire other trades to address the problems identified by mold remediation businesses in South Florida. Some of these firms may partner with other contractors to get these issues resolved for customers in an expedient way. Consumers can ask the mold removal businesses they hire for recommended businesses in other trades, including window repairs, roofing, HVAC and more.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Remediation Efforts Help to Limit Exposure to Lead, Mold and Other Toxins

Mold Remediation in South Florida is Very Important

Top remediation companies in South Florida make homes and workplaces safer.

Aging buildings across South Florida have higher incidences of dangerous building materials, including mercury, asbestos and lead. Due to decay and neglect, many of these structures, including schools, libraries, houses, apartment buildings, hospitals and more, face higher risks for mold infestations. Plumbing and roofing break down over time, leading to leaking pipes and roofs. Mold tends to flourish in damp places like attics, inside walls, under sinks, kitchens, basements and bathrooms. The owners and caretakers of older structures in South Florida may find that they need the help of mold removal south florida companies that can quickly assess mold spores and eliminate them safely without spreading them or allowing them to become airborne. Top companies in the mold removal industry in Broward County, Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County and the Treasure Coast stay busy helping customers get rid of mold in all types of locations.

Remediation Helps Broward County Residents Become Healthier

Leading remediation companies working in places such as Hollywood, Miramar, Tamarac, Margate, Sunrise, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Davie and Dania Beach help to keep Broward County workers and residents safe from dangerous substances including asbestos, mold and lead. People can look up top mold remediation broward county businesses across the area online and in print, although sources such as online directories have become far more popular than traditional phone books. People can search for terms like “mold removal broward,” “mold remediation broward” and “mold abatement broward” in Google and other search engines to find firms that eliminate mold from houses, offices and other locations in the area.

Rely upon licensed, insured and reputable remediation businesses in South Florida to reduce the risk of exposure to potentially harmful toxins at home and in the workplace. Firms like these get rid of lead paint, as well as harmful substances like asbestos that were once commonly used in construction.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mold Remediation Services Important in Restoration of Abandoned and Neglected Properties in South Florida

As almost any observer can note in South Florida, our area has more than its share of properties, houses and buildings that have fallen into disrepair. During the real estate bust of the past decade, many people and property owners walked away from real estate assets, including homes and commercial properties. In the ensuing years, many of these properties suffered damage from the elements and natural problems like mold. Investors and developers who want to renovate and spruce up such properties should consider hiring mold remediation south florida companies to test for the presence of mold and other toxins. Before you fix up a distressed property, get it tested for mold, asbestos and other potentially harmful elements.
These businesses help protect homeowners, students, employees and others from the potentially harmful effects of mold exposure in locations across the region, from the Treasure Coast to the Florida Keys. Mold removal west palm beach companies eliminate mold growth from all types of structures and locations, including churches and other houses of worship, restaurants, apartment buildings, grocery stores, townhouses, single-family homes, medical offices, condo buildings and more in places like Palm Beach Shores, Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Wellington, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Greenacres and more.
Mold removal south florida businesses help property owners, residents, workers and patrons by eliminating potentially hazardous from all kinds of structures. These businesses can make it safe for workers to renovate properties, and they make structures like houses, condos and apartment buildings safe to dwell in. These firms quietly and professionally get rid of components like lead paint, lead pipes, asbestos and mold from structures. Hire leading environmental safety companies in the industry to assess properties, both commercial and residential, before commencing work or allowing tenants to stay there.  These firms will then properly extract these substances.